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‘In my creative practice I try to combine the closeness of the everyday with the distance of myth - without the closeness you can’t be moved, and without the distance you can’t be amazed.’ RABARAMA.

Gran Caffe Londra had the pleasure of playing host to the artwork of the renowned Italian artist Rabarama. Our restaurant staged 4 of her most prominent sculptures ranging in price between €12,500.00 to €32,000.00:










 Dejavou                            Amor                             Compreso               Dopo la ragione


RABARAMA, alias PAOLA EPIFANI, was born in Rome in 1969. She currently lives and works in Padua. Daughter of an artist, from her early childhood she showed an inborn talent for sculpture. She started her artistic education at the Arts High School in Treviso, followed by the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated with top marks in 1991 and immediately started taking part in a large number of national and international sculpture competitions, earning growing acclaim with both the critics and the general public alike.

Rabarama’s works capture the viewer’s imagination with their silent, frozen postures. Her human figures are both clothed and naked, covered with multicolored patterns, arabesques, numbers, letters, mazes and puzzles. Like sequence symbols of a genetic code, Rabarama’s pattern and puzzles stem from the artist’s fascination with genetics, the molecular metamorphosis of ever changing life, and the process of transformation.

Rabarama’s sculpture has been drawing crowds internationally in Milan, Rome, Paris, Cannes, Beijing, Shanghai, Venice, Reggio Calabria, Caracas, Geneva, Mexico City, Miami and now Gran Caffe Londra. The exhibition was originally organized for 3 months, but due to its success we extended the exhibition for another 5 months.





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