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Mr Orest

Mr Orest Gran Caffe Londra's refined cuisine and patisseries are a gem in a worthy setting. The Dining Room's red wine and gold-panelled walls are hung with a museum-quality collection of top designer made to measure clothes. Diners sink into comfortable leather-upholstered armchairs and elegantly appointed tables adorned with stunning arrangements of Chandeliers with a central one being a masterpiece of workmanship. 
Service is impeccable ("The waiters, manager, all move in a well- orchestrated dance," when I was there).
Menus have recently changed. On a recent visit, I began with delicately cubed octopus with potatoes and Italian olives that left me wanting for more (it reminded me the rich version of Oliver Twist) .It was followed by King Tiger Prawns and fillet of Cod Skewers which were so fresh that you could almost smell the taste of the sea in them
And dessert was a heavenly Raspberry tart topped with vanilla cream and served on a scrumptious shortbread biscuit. Everything is sensational, and presentations, on handmade wooden plates, are works of art. A very comprehensive list of wines is dominated by Italian vintages as well as their own Gran Caffe wines. 
Last Word
I was so impressed that I could go on, but I will finish with a quote from George Bernard Shaw : There is no love sincerer than the love of food ! and Gran Caffe Londra take it to another level.


Agent03 Nasce come caffè e quindi hanno ottima pasticceria , colazioni all'inglese ma anche altri piatti. Difronte ai magazzini harrods clientela raffinata e di seguito prezzi . Abbiamo preso una colazione da dividere in due ( due brioches e 4 fette pane con burro e marmellata ) e due uova fritte con bacon , 2 caffè 1 te 1 frappe' £50. Buono, espresso ,abbastanza veloci . Ambiente gradevole ,personale spersonalizzato perche' di corsa ( era italiano e ci parlava in inglese forse non gradiva che attaccassimo bottone). Bene per una pausa caffè , se trovate posto...

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Marcello Moscarello launch Lamborghini Wine Brand at Gran Caffé Londra Marcello Moscarello launch Lamborghini Wine Brand at Gran Caffé Londra
On the 23rd March 2017 Special Evening Gala at "Gran Caffe Londra" in Knightsbridge for the launch of "Lamborghini Wines". Co-sponsor of the event "Angelo Galasso Couture" with a parade dedicated to the latest creations of Italian designer. The evening was attended by about 500 people and among friends and fans of the two sponsors, also sport, fashion and politician celebrities. "Lamborghini", a luxury icon to celebrate at "Gran Caffe Londra"amazing cars with a good Italian wine

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